I first considered escort work during my second year at university. One of my close female friends confided in me that she had briefly undertaken some companionship work towards the end of her first year. She went on to tell me that it was very different to many common misconceptions about the industry; the clients were screened, very pleasant and respectful, it was safe and of course the money was far in excess of any other type of job your typical student could earn, in fact the earnings were “exceptional” to quote verbatim what she told me without revealing exactly how much she made.

Research the business

Once the seed was planted, I started to conduct my own research into the escort industry, mainly using Google and YouTube to find out exactly how it worked and how the best way to get started would be. Just Googling a few search terms that came to mind quickly made me realise how large the industry in my local area was – at the time I was living in another large UK city. My primary concern was how safe escort work would be and secondly how I could operate discretely without the risk of being “outed”; the escort industry is notoriously secretive, and for good reason!

After speaking with my former escort friend further and in far more detail that we had the first time, I told her I was seriously considering becoming an escort and asked her whether she had any tips and advice for me. She advised me to only work through an established escort agency and not as an “independent”, because independent escorts are far more vulnerable and often don’t have the experience to screen clients. The next tips were to never reveal any personal information to a client (for my own privacy and safety) and to not be forced into doing anything I was uncomfortable with. My friend told me exactly what I should expect and would even accompany me to an interview with an agency if I wanted any support. This was a really kind gesture as I really didn’t know what to expect when meeting someone from an escort agency.

Choose an established escort agency

The agency I agreed to meet with was my friend’s former agency, although she did encourage me to shop around and find one that suited exactly what I was looking for from an agency. As agreed, she accompanied me to the initial interview in the restaurant area of a well-known and highly reputable local hotel. This wasn’t like the bar area at the local Travelodge! It was set up with private areas/booths for business people to conduct business and converse with a high degree of privacy, which was perfect considering what we had to discuss.

Over the course of the next 45 minutes everything was explained to me; shifts, outcalls, incalls, rates and payment, security protocols, profile, photos etc. It was pretty much what I was expecting and extremely detailed. I could tell that the manager was very experienced and probably did these interviews a few times each week! I had to show a photo ID (to prove I was over the age of 18) and produce some other documents.

Two weeks later after a photoshoot and providing some extra information for my profile I finally started working as an escort; approximately 3 months after the initial conversation with my friend about her career in escorting.

I took to escorting really well, probably because I fully researched what I was getting into. I worked for an excellent agency that really looked after me and had my best interests at heart. A few years later my work has taken me to Cardiff, a smaller city but certainly packed with a degree heritage and culture seldom found in other smaller UK cities. I found another excellent agency to work for, with good ethics and morals. I make excellent money Cardiff and have settled into life in the Welsh capital really well. I hope that you found my journey into the sometimes-closed world of escorting interesting and informative.